The Life Changes Trust recognises that there is no single method that will allow you to capture all the data you will need.  We understand that methods involving beneficiaries may need to be creative or specialized due to their particular preferences and needs.  Consulting with beneficiaries on how they want to be involved in evaluation activity is strongly encouraged and often essential. 

You must think about the tools or methods you will use to collect information at an early stage. 

To achieve different types of outcomes your project will make use of different approaches. Likewise, there are lots of different ways to capture information and support people to express their views. People tend to respond to different approaches at different times in different ways. It is therefore important to carefully select the right methods for your activity and the different stakeholder groups you will be collecting information from.

This guide covers a selection of methods and tools that you might want to consider and try out, or you can use the information provided to come up with your own imaginative way of gathering feedback.

You can also download the Methods section as a PDF file below.

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Further techniques to support evaluation can be found from a number of useful sources:


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Glossary of Terms

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We know that the terminology surrounding evaluation can often become confusing or off-putting. However, there are a few basic terms and concepts that it is important to be familiar with.  Download the glossary here.

Toolkit PDF


You can download our full Funding Evaluation Toolkit as a PDF document for printing.  It contains a full set of references and sources. Download the toolkit PDF here.